13 Biggest Personal Injury Claims That Might Make You Gasp for Air

9: Thomas Brown – Biggest Ever Mesothelioma Claim – $322 M

A Mississippi man named Thomas Brown was awarded a record-breaking $322 million for a mesothelioma lawsuit claim made due to cancer caused by Asbestos exposure. Mr. Brown contracted Asbestos while working in oil fields in late 70’s and 80’s. He used to work on mud that contains asbestos using drilling machines. In his claim, he accused his employers of not taking enough precautionary measures and not warning him against the risks associated with exposure to the products leading to asbestos and lung cancer.

During an asbestos lawsuit, it is common for a settlement to be reached instead of going to trial because of the benefits that a settlement provides for all parties involved. But, in this case, Mr. Brown counter argued the case which went against them.  As no cure for mesothelioma exists, avoiding asbestos exposure becomes the best method for preventing the meso cancer.