13 Biggest Personal Injury Claims That Might Make You Gasp for Air

 7: Wasim Mohammed – Record Car Crash Injury Claim – $15 M

Source: Mirror.co.uk

An 18-year-old, Wasim Mohammed met with a car crash when he was just 5 days away from his 19th birthday. The accident happened as a result of overtaking a car at a junction while speed driving. The car crash injury broke his neck, damaged his spinal cord and left the little function in his arms and legs. He now needs two carers to help him with everyday activities like getting out of bed and washing

The catastrophic injury specialist at Stewart’s law, who represented the 22-year old man confirmed that the $15 million compensation would be paid in a lump sum of $6 million and annual payments of $325,000. The case was settled out of court just hours before it was due to start trial in Birmingham County Court by the auto accident law firm intervention