13 Biggest Personal Injury Claims That Might Make You Gasp for Air

5: Maisha Najeeb – Biggest NHS Negligence Claim – $33 M

Source: Mirror.co.uk

Maisha Najeeb’s case is an unfortunate incident of medical negligence at birth. At the age of 10, she was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to be treated for a medical condition, arterio-venous malformation (‘AVM’), that involves arteries and veins getting tangled and occurs in about 1% of people. However, a small mix up and things were never the same for Maisha.

She was injected with glue instead of dye. As a result, she became blind in one eye and her movements were severely restricted. Her parents decided to sue the hospital for their mistake and hired a birth injury lawyer. The family was initially awarded $3.8million, plus annual payments of $530,000 a year until she is 19. From there on, $600,000 a year until her eventual death. The injury settlement amount totaled to a record-breaking $33 million as a medical negligence claim.