13 Biggest Personal Injury Claims That Might Make You Gasp for Air

3: Aaron Edwards – Record Birth Negligence Claim – $31 M

Source: health.heraldtribune.com

Aaron Edwards, now over 18 years old needs 24/7 care and cannot walk or talk because of hospital errors that left him severely disabled at birth resulting in a negligence lawsuit. As per reports, when Aaron’s mother was in labor, a nurse at Lee Memorial Hospital administered a drug to speed her labor and then forgot to stop the drug’s IV drip. That cut off baby Aaron’s air supply, causing lifelong disability.

When Aaron’s family sued the hospital in Florida with the help of negligence attorney, a jury passed a bill that would award a pay equalling $31 million to the teen’s family for his care and to compensate for the disabilities he’s suffered. In addition, Aaron reportedly has serious cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair, a handicap accessible house and a spot in a school where he can learn to communicate.