13 Biggest Personal Injury Claims That Might Make You Gasp for Air

2: Nancy Lopez – Mesothelioma Cancer Claim – $10 M

Source: jrn

Nancy Lopez filed a $10 million asbestos injury claim in Missouri against her longtime employer Jackson County Courthouse. As per reports, Nancy Lopez contracted mesothelioma from asbestos exposure after the toxic mineral was improperly removed from the courthouse. She died in 2010 because of this cancer.

Lopez worked at the courthouse in Kansas City for a period of 27 years and is assumed to have inhaled and ingested asbestos dust during various repairs to the building. As per studies, Asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma caused often due to mesothelioma radiation takes a long time to develop, sometimes around 20 and 50 years after the time but will become aggressive once it forms. On the off chance that anyone you know experienced asbestos introduction and later created mesothelioma, speak immediately to mesothelioma attorneys.