13 Biggest Personal Injury Claims That Might Make You Gasp for Air

13: Ben Collett – Biggest Sports Injury payout – $6 M

Source: wpid

Ben Collett broke his leg when he was playing for Manchester United at 18 years old and the injury finished his career as an expert footballer. He approached an accident attorney and sued the club. Gary Smith and his club, Middlesbrough, acknowledged the risk of the damage when it went to court and Collett won a $6 million personal injury claims pay-out. This was the biggest ever injury settlement claim awarded to a sportsman.

The court estimated that Ben could have earned more than $18,000 a week, making a total in excess of $22m if he had played until the age of 35. The injury compensation will be paid by Middlesbrough’s insurers. At the time of his injury, Mr. Collett was on just $640 a week. Ben returned to university after receiving the payout in 2008.