13 Biggest Personal Injury Claims That Might Make You Gasp for Air

12: Joseph O’Reggio – NHS Negligence Lawsuit Payout – $8.3 M

Source: BirminghamMail

Joseph O’Reggio’s case was another instance of medical negligence at childbirth. He developed severe cerebral palsy after a hospital blunder led to him being starved of oxygen at birth. The medical injury lawyer representing the family claimed that New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, UK failed to act swiftly when the unborn baby’s heart rate dropped and causing him permanent disability.

When the family filed a case against NHS, they eventually won an $8.3 million birth injury payout. The negligence at childbirth has left the child with cerebral paralysis, serious learning challenges and unfit to bolster himself. He needs day and night care from proficient careers, and additionally physiotherapy as well as word related treatment.