Although we all want to live a happy and fulfilling life, sometimes tragedies do strike at the most unexpected hour. Almost every year, millions of people around the world are injured in accidents or hit by life-threatening diseases.  At times, it’s just the nature of the tragedy that no amount of precautions could have avoided it. A worst-case scenario could be that you may have to pay the price for someone else’s mistake or ignorance.

In such cases, getting in touch with a personal injury attorney or lawyer is the best thing one can to do.  It is true that no amount of money can every makeup for the pain and suffering a victim has to go through. However, having enough money by your side can only improve the quality of their life and provide them with all the adequate resources needed to function properly.

1: Agnes Collier – Biggest Car Accident Compensation Claim -$32 M


Agnes Collier, at the age of 13 was left paralyzed in 4 limbs with severe spinal injuries when her family’s car met with a severe accident due to a grave mistake of a bike rider. This accident caused irreparable damage to the collier’s family as her mother died on the spot and her siblings were severely injured too.


When the colliers filed a lawsuit in court with the help of truck accident lawyer, the jury awarded a $14 million lump sum with annual tax-free payments of $373,000 a year. She now lives in $1.1 million family home in Cheltenham and determined to study at Oxford or Cambridge. The payout — affirmed by the High Court in London is projected to bring her $32 million across the course of her life and is probably the most elevated auto accident claims ever for individual damage, nearly multiplying the past record of $17 million.