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Doyle Brunson – Godfather of Poker

best poker player ever


Doyle Brunson is considered to be the most iconic professional poker player of his generation and his name is inaugurated into the Poker Hall of Fame.  While working a business machines salesman after his graduation, he was summoned to play in a 7-card stud game and obtained over a salary of the month on his first day. This moment was a turning point in his career and shortly left the sales job and became an expert professional poker player and has not looked back since.

Doyle, also known as the Godfather of Poker is the first player ever to make $1 million dollars in a poker competition which included the Poker Tour and in the World Series of Poker. Bluff Magazine voted Doyle the most powerful force in the world of poker in January 2006 and is one of the few poker players who has managed to win the Main Event of the World Series of Poker twice. Like any other iconic player, he amassed his fortune by placing very big bets and raising the stakes very high in live casino poker.

His net worth now is estimated to be in excess of $75 million dollars name and is been in business for over 50 years now. Mr. Brunson has participated and won numerous poker tournaments and has also written some books about poker. His books are mainly instructional guides which teach players about poker and how it should be played.