Most Feared Gambling Professionals In The Casino Industry

Sam Farha – Poker King

professional gambler

Source: Bluff Europe

Sam Farha’s story is a perfect example of an outsider finding his place in the American sub-continent. Escaping a troubled neighborhood during the Lebanese civil war while still in his teens, Sam moved to the US to study and lived in Houston with his brother. A year after moving to Houston, Sam played his first poker game and went on to win several thousand dollars. Shortly after, he resigned from his job and became a full-time poker player.

Sam Farha is now the owner of $100 million glorious bucks. He is known to have earned most of his net worth through his wins in many poker tournaments. In the 2003 World Series of Poker, Sam went head-to-head with Chris Moneymaker at the final table and took home second place, a WSOP gold bracelet, and $1.3 million. When not winning insane sums of money in live poker tournaments, Farha has his hands full with other endeavors. He has co-authored a book on Omaha poker strategy, and he is currently working on another book at the moment. Additionally, Farha is working on a new reality TV series and a video game and is a spokesman for Harrah’s top casino in Las Vegas.