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Zeljko Ranogajec – The Biggest Punter of All

zeljko - richest sportsman


Tasmanian-born punter Zeljko Ranogajec carries the reputation of being the biggest punter in the world. He is said to account for 6-8% of the turnover of Tabcorp, with his outlays reportedly as much as $1 billion a year. The former Blackjack player started out as part of a Hobart-based punters’ syndicate called the Bank Roll, which operated out of a hotel and used complex computer algorithms to win at the Keno lottery game – his biggest syndicate’s big win is reported to be world record Keno jackpot of $ 7.5 million during the 1990s.

Originally a card counter from Hobart, Tasmania, he’s in the Blackjack hall of fame. This estimated billionaire is very secretive about his horse racing gambling, but racing industry insiders consider Zeljko Ranogajec to be the world’s biggest racing gambler. Like another racing king William Benter, Ranogajec’s gambling career started as a small-time casino card counter at the Blackjack table.  He was doing so well at the blackjack tables that he became rather well known by the managerial staff at all of the top Casinos throughout Australia. Finding himself respectfully refused service at every blackjack table he attempted to play casino games, Zeljko was forced to make a huge decision and give up on his dream to become a lawyer to pursue his new passion for advantage gambling.

Ranogajec’s net worth is unknown, but reports suggest that his annual bets are in the range of $1 billion and above. Ranogajec has a team of maths and programming geniuses (over 300 employees at last count) who identify tiny advantages in horse races and exploit them in a fashion not seen anywhere else in the world. He bets large amounts on horse races where liquidity is high. The syndicate, which bets on races all over the world, uses computer systems to place huge numbers and varieties of bets just before a race begins, relying on a combination of winning bets and rebates from betting companies on losing bets (these companies are desperate for Rangojec’s extraordinary turnover) to make a profit.