Most Feared Gambling Professionals In The Casino Industry

Phil Ivey – Live Casino Poker Star

poker king

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Phillip Ivey, also known as ‘Tiger Woods of Poker’  is known for successfully throwing his opponents off their game by staring directly into their eyes. The poker star has a net worth of $100 million and is the youngest player ever to win ten WSOP bracelets. He has been dubbed the ‘The Phenom’ and considered to be the next big thing in the Poker community.  Ivey is also a star online Poker player and while playing under his real name on, he profited $19,242,744 including earnings from Online Slots. He has also earned over $13,800,000 in live Poker tournaments.  In 2012, he won around $11m in one stunning Baccarat session at London’s Crockfords Casino. This came just a few months after he won $9.6m at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City. He’s currently competing with Dan Bilzerian for the biggest Baller title in the Poker community.

However, Phil was not born rich and in fact, started with very humble beginnings. Ivey started playing poker with his grandfather as an eight-year-old. His grandfather taught him how to play five-card stud poker betting usually no more than five cents. He later kept practicing even during his former workplace at a telemarketing firm where he would play with his co-workers. He used a fake ID to get into Atlantic City, taking the bus to go to the live casino and at times, going hungry just because he didn’t catch a single break at playing cards.