Most Feared Gambling Professionals In The Casino Industry

Billy Walters – Most Feared Sports Bettor

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Source: CNBC

A true legend in sports betting, Billy Walters started from humble beginnings in Munfordville, Kentucky where he and his siblings were raised by his grandmother. Raised in a family where both his father and uncle were professional gamblers, it was no surprise that Billy made his first bet at the age of nine. Thanks to his sports betting expertise, the once dirt-poor boy from Kentucky now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. According to reports, during his heydays, he used to make around  $15 million a year and has made as much as $2 million in a day. His net worth is estimated in excess of $200 million. Considering the fact that he makes really, really high sports bets – in some cases as high as $3.5 million, his known for striking fear in the heart of his opponents.

But things weren’t always that perfect for Billy Walters. Before making the big jump in Las Vegas to become a full-time pro gambler, Billy was the typical pathological gambler/loser at 35. He was broke, owing money to several bookmakers, couldn’t command any credit, into his third marriage, an ill son.

However, after being broke fifteen times, as he said, he started to focus, went on a 30-year winning streak as a sports bettor, and became a success story. Claiming a lifelong 57% winning percentage on his sports bets. Walter claims that he profited 37 straight years betting on football and basketball. The biggest and most feared sports gambler, however, lost his biggest gamble when he was found guilty of a $40 million insider trading case and is now serving 5 years prison time.