These Insurance Claim Amounts Might Shock You

Insurance is the name of the game to protect us from the uncertainty that life keeps throwing at us. With the ever-growing need to protect our assets from unpleasant outcomes, the insurance industry is no longer restricted to businesses, health and car insurance. There is an ever-increasing demand for the sector to keep coming up with new products like pet insurance, construction insurance, general liability insurance etc. to name a few.

The fun fact is that while claiming insurances might be a peaceful thing for us, yet the same insurance claims may cost the companies huge sum of money. This article takes you through those few nasty cases where the insurance companies lost a fortune due to the king size claims.

1: Biggest Car Insurance Claim By A Celebrity – $1.2 M

Source: Dailymail

Mr. Bean star Rowan Atkinson crashed his expensive car McLaren F1 in 2011. The star luckily survived from the accident although he sustained some shoulder injury. The crash had damaged the car very badly and was sent over for repairs as it was under insurance coverage and it almost took a year.

However, the bill was a whopping $1,245,000 and the auto insurance company had to shell out the amount, thus paving way for the one of the biggest car insurance bill.  Though Rowan Atkinson eventually recovered from his injuries, we can assume that the insurance payout was hefty since he sold the vehicle for $12 million after the accident.