Flight attendant jobs are often associated with a glamorous and luxurious lifestyle. No doubt, flying in the air and travelling to new places seems like fun. However, dealing with jet-lags, irate passengers and unpleasant working hours isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Now imagine living that life on a daily basis and still carrying a big smile while working. Welcome to the world of Flight attendants and Cabin Crews.

Despite the demanding duties, they do enjoy lots of perks their job has to offer like mingling with A-listers, exploring exotic locales, meeting new people and staying in luxurious hotels. Few of these flight attendants make the most of this opportunity and don’t shy away from flashing their glossy Instagram profiles, jet-set lifestyles and beach bodies to rival any self-respecting celebrity.  It’s no surprise that quite a few of them have sideline careers as models, social media influencers and actress. Check out below the list of some of the most popular flight attendants.

Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant – Instagram Star

Source: Instagram.com/imbrigita

Dubai-based Brigita Jagelaviciute, from Lithuania, is undoubtedly one of the most popular flight attendants out there and has cultivated a following of more than 75,000 fans on Instagram by sharing inspirational snaps of her glamorous lifestyle in no time. As per the Daily Mail report, she has already been to more than 75 countries in less than a year. Like many other Instagram influencers, her posts are heavy on food, selfies, fashion, and landmarks.