5: Lindsay Lohan

Source: Facebook

Actress Lindsay Lohan is always in the middle of some or the other controversy and media’s obsession with her doesn’t help her cause either. She had not only made headlines for her partying habits but also for stealing expensive items as well as for her multiple rehab trips for drug and alcohol addictions.


Her stints have made her uncaring with her spending, too. At one point in time, she billed over $600K in credit and home loan. And if that is not enough, she was on the verge of becoming homeless after nearly failing to make her mortgage loan payments and £78,000 rent on her £3.5million London apartment. Even by a big movie star standards, it’s a big fall from grace for an actress who was once commanded £5 million at a time and it only goes to display that not even the most famed of stars are excused from paying the taxman!