9: Priety Zinta’s Marriage – Dil Chahta Hai

This is quite a refreshing one.`Dil Chahta Hai’ is a rare film on male camaraderie, on Bachelor bonding. Farhan Akhtar’s directorial debut takes us on a journey of 3 best friends, their lives, loves, and philosophies.It is a fun film catering strictly to urban youth from middle and upper middle class who will find a reflection of their longing and lifestyle in it. Akshay Khanna plays the character of Sid who is the studious, serious one of the lot and with a hidden artistic side, while Saif Ali Khan foolishly lets himself be ruled by the woman in his life whereas Aamir Khan’s Character Aakash could never limit himself to one woman. He is a playboy who claims to not believe in love.

The three men’s lives take a turn when they meet their respective women. Aamir meets Priety Zinta and is instantly infatuated by her. However, Priety is already engaged and does not entertain her infatuation. They eventually meet again in Sydney and their friendships grow thicker with time. As the popular saying goes that ‘Ed Ladka Aur Ladki Kabhi Dost Nahi Ho Sakte’, they develop feelings towards each other. Before Aamir can confess his feeling for her, Zinta’s possessive fiance takes her back to India for their Wedding. It’s decision time now for Aamir to tell about his feelings to Priety before it’s too late and he does it in style. He gate-crashes Priety Zinta’s wedding and confesses his liking in front of 200 people.Without a doubt in mind, Priety takes the offer and ditches her fiance a night before their wedding.

Shot in picturesque Goa, this movie made the city so popular that every bachelor guy in the country envisioned going there with his friends and recreating the experience the 3 friends had in the movie. This movie was not only famous for its songs and script but also for Aamir Khan’s looks. He pretty much immortalized the Goti beard look. Also for Priety Zinta, it was a long lived dream to work with Aamir which came true with this movie.