8: Kangana Ranaut’s Marriage – Queen

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Very few Bollywood movies have the power to bring a social uprising and start a conversation around the social issues of our society. Kangana Ranaut’s movie Queen comes from that league. The film revolves around a story of an under-confident Punjabi girl living in Delhi who is left devastated and disheartened after the groom calls off their wedding at the last minute. The tears soon dry, and morning comes. On a quest to rediscover herself, she goes alone on a pre-booked Europe tour. A string of events during her tour makes her aware that how dependent she has been on everyone around her and how massively other people have influenced her decisions. She eventually comes back as a different person, completely independent and happy and no wonder her new-self tempts her ex-fiance to win her Dulhan back.

However, it is Kangana’s turn now for a perfect revenge story and she dumps the guy by canceling their pre-arranged wedding just days before the schedule. The Bollywood Wedding movie Queen earned rare reviews and earned critical acclaim. Even Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan was in awe after seeing the movie and highly recommended it.