7: Priety Zinta’s Wedding – Veerzara

Priety Zinta wedding Veer Zaara

It’s Shahrukh Khan again! And this time he steals someone else’s bride from across the borders. Wooh, this man has surely got some skills and balls to brag about. ‘Veer Zara’ brings to life a very beautiful saga of love, separation, courage, and sacrifice. An Indian pilot Veer Pratap Singh played by Shahrukh Khan meets a Pakistani girl Zaara alias Priety Zinta accidentally during a rescue operation. They embark on a short trip together across the country and yes, you guessed it right, they do fall in love by the end of their trip. Shah Rukh finally decides to declare his selfless affection for Priety but he is then interrupted by an uninvited visitor, Preity’s fiance….ouch!.

A heartbroken Veer walks away with a heavy heart but by then he already planted the love seed in her heart. Priety resists with her family and when Shahrukh learns about her ailing heart, he lands in Pakistan to disrupt Priety Zinta’s Marriage and by doing so he also puts his air force job on the line. The usual family drama continues but Priety finally decides to walk out of the wedding last minute and return back to Shahrukh Khan. However, much to her despair, Shahrukh Khan gets locked in a Pakistani Jail for 2 decades for trespassing borders. They eventually reunite, thanks to Saamiya Siddiqui played by Rani Mukerji.

Few interesting facts and trivia about Veerzara were that all the prison scenes were shot in a day. Shah Rukh Khan had to wear a wig to portray the aged Veer in those scenes. Also, Rani Mukherjee’s role was based on real-life Pakistan activist and lawyer Asma Jehangir and was first offered to Aishwarya Rai but she declined it. Although Priety Zinta did not play the role of a typical Bollywood bride in this movie, she did admit during the promotions that she was surprised by the way Yashji made her look so beautiful in the movie.