4: Anushka Sharma Wedding – Band Baaja Baraat

source: Myspace

Ready for some Delhiites? Band Baaja Baraat is a typical Bollywood Wedding movie with all North Indian flavors in it and notable for its affectionate portrayal of the brash energy of India’s capital city. Set in the backdrop of wedding planning, it’s a love story of hits and misses. Bittu played by Ranveer Singh gets interested in Shruti aka Anushka Sharma. Anushka plays the role modern-day Delhi girl who is blunt and honest and brushes off fast talking Ranveer straight away. He, however, gives it another shot and gets into a partnership with Anushka for a wedding planning business.

After few jazzy dialogues and couple of dance numbers, Anushka eventually develops a liking towards Ranveer but this time he shrugs her off. Disheartened and hurt, Anushka decides to go the arrange marriage route and that’s when the curtains come off for Ranveer and he realizes her liking for her. Playing by the rules, Anushka Sharma makes Ranveer Singh climb the ladder pretty difficult but eventually gives into the temptation and the Dulhan calls off her arrange marriage just a day before.

Unlike Yash Chopra’s prediction, this Yash Raj movie did good business across the country predominantly because of the fresh pairing and amazing chemistry between the lead actors. Anushka Sharma reportedly admitted that it was quite difficult for her early-on to adapt to the Delhi Punjabi girl accent but being the feisty person she is, she absolutely mastered it.