36: Karishma Kapoor’s Marriage – Chal Mere Bhai

This one’s more like the old friends meeting together and just for the sake of fun putting a film together. Chal Mera Bhai is a story of bonding between 2 thick brothers who will do anything for each other. They joke, exercise, play pranks together and unknowingly happen to love the same girl. The families are interested in Sanjay Dutt and Karishma Kapoor marriage but she is actually in love with Salman Khan.


That just sets the plot for the climax, one brother walks away with the Dulhan and the other sacrifices. In this case, it is Sanju Baba who backs out of the marriage as soon as he realizes that his younger brother is interested in her bride. Karishma looks pretty in each frame and the off-screen bonding between the two veteran actors shows up on the screen which is a treat for their fans.