3: Katrina Kaif’s Wedding- Namastey London

Katrina Kaif Bridal Look


Namastey London brings into light the difference between the East and the West.The movie is originally based on a true-life story of Akshay Kumar’s friend and is loosely inspired by Manoj Kumar’s Purab Paschim. Katrina Kaif plays the role of Jasmeet aka Jazz in this beautiful movie. She is born and brought up in London and her Indian parents want her to marry a nice Indian boy, sounds typical, isn’t it? But Katrina is already in love with a good looking spoilt British lad who has a string of failed relationships behind him. Unhappy with her partner’s choice, Katrina’s father convinces her to take on an India trip where she later meets Akshay Kumar and unwillingly is forced to marry him. Akshay accompanies Katrina and her family back to London and is assigned the task of winning over her heart or else risk losing her.

On one hand, Katrina Kaif’s British boyfriend is willing to give her the lifestyle and happiness she has always been craving for while on the other hand, Akshay Kumar relies only on true love in the movie. Jazz eventually decides to plunge in with the firang and Akshay being the best man escorts the lady to her wedding. However, just before taking the vows, Katrina has change of heart and runs away from her wedding in her wedding gown and leaving the groom behind, clueless.

As per gossips, Priyanka Chopra was supposed to play the leading lady role but Salman Khan who was then dating Katrina at the time used his influence and bagged Katrina the role. But Hey, who’s complaining?