29: Katrina Kaif’s Wedding – Singh Is King

This movie is about a small time Punjab Villager who goes through a series of misadventures and eventually becomes the King of the Australian underworld. The movie predominantly works because the lead actor Akshay Kumar makes an utter idiot out of himself and, clearly enjoying himself all the while, conquers the screen while at it. In between all these madness, there is a love story running parallelly between the lead actors. Katrina Kaif lives up to her reputation and is engaged to the wrong guy even in this movie.


Akshay Kumar plays the ultimate charmer who is trying to keep everyone happy and united in the movie and marries Katrina accidentally while the groom is still around. Although the blame for this mishap comes on Akshay,  even Katrina secretly wanted this to happen as she is in love with Akshay. As per reports, some members of the Sikh community had expressed their displeasure over the portrayal of Sikhs in the movie.