21: Katrina’s Wedding – Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

When a girl who is engaged to one dude and ends up marrying his freaking brother, you know that that’s one lady you should keep out of your happily-forever fantasies. As the name suggests, this movie is a story of 2 brothers falling in love with the same girl. The elder brother Ali Zafar residing abroad assigns the younger one Imran Khan the job to find him a wife. Imran meets Katrina Kaif who he thinks would be a good match for his brother, spends time with her and they fall for each other. When Ali finally arrives at the scene he realizes that his brother has won over her Dulhan. This time Katrina takes the initiative and invites Imran to elope with her on the eve of her wedding to Ali Zafar but he resists and the film drags to the climax setting up for a runaway bride situation.