20: Rani Mukherjee’s Marriage – Had Kardi Apne

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Govinda’s movies cater to a specific audience and most of them are light-hearted romantic comedies and Had Kardi Apne is one of the many movies from that genre. Govinda plays a detective in this no-brainer comedy who meets Rani Mukherjee on a Europe tour. Both of them argue, sing songs, dance and eventually fall in love. Some misunderstanding convinces Rani Mukherjee that Govinda never loved him and she decides to marry some other guy.


As always in bollywood movies, common friends bridge the gap between the two and clear the air of misunderstanding. Govinda’s literally gate-crashes Rani Mukherjee’s Wedding to confess his love for her and then disappears. Seeing this, Rani could not resist him, ditches her arrange marriage and follows Govinda to the airport in her bridal outfit. There we have it, another Bollywood beauty playing the runaway bride.