14: Mallika Sherawat’s Wedding – Pyaar Ke Side Effects

bollywood wedding movies Pyar Ke Side Effectssource: Glamsham.com

This movie was one of the few respectable performances by Miss Sherawat. Also starring Rahul Bose, Pyaar Ke Side effects is a romantic comedy that portrays the intricacies of a modern relationship. The film explores the theme of ‘commitment phobia’ in a captivating manner, an interesting, witty take on men-women relationships. Rahul Bose plays a short, middle-aged DJ who vainly tries to talk the runaway bride Trisha (Mallika Sherawat) out of fleeing her wedding.


They meet six months on and their different personalities bring them closer. Rahul starts dating Mallika and couple of years later when she expresses her interest in a lifelong commitment, Rahul Bose starts having commitment Phobia. Miss Sherawat sees that as a No-sign and returns back to her ex-fiance on her parent’s insistence. He realizes his mistake and wants to have the love of his life back. Mallika agrees and unlike most Bollywood brides, she runs away from her wedding for the second time, poor Groom.