13: Dia Mirza’s Wedding – Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein

bridal dulhan Dia Mirza

This is a perfect example of Opposites attract. As per popular beliefs, people are attracted towards other who are similar to them especially in arrange marriages.However, sometimes couples are attracted towards someone who is exactly opposite to what they were looking out for and that is the plot of Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein starring Saif Ali Khan, Dia Mirza, and Madhavan. Madhavan plays the role of a Mumbai boy who is a complete rogue, outspoken, rusty and always hangs out with his gang of male friends. Dia Mirza plays a sophisticated Delhi girl and she happens to move to Mumbai for work. Madhavan tries to woo Dia by impersonating himself as the NRI Rajeev who she is supposed to have an arranged marriage with.


Cut the long story short, Madhavan’s efforts eventually pay off and Dia Mirza develops a liking towards him but then a Spoiler Alert, the real NRI dude aka Saif Ali Khan shows up and Dia is shattered. She eventually decides to dump Madhavan and marry Saif but the former is still playing on her mind. Common sense eventually prevails when the groom Saif Ali Khan decides to the big man and escorts Dia Mirza out of her wedding just before the Saat-Pheras so that she can be with Maddy and then we have the reunion of the lovers at the airport in the climax.