12: Deepika Padukone’s Wedding – Chennai Express

This one’s bit of a mismatch. For Starters, the hot Bollywood bombshell Deepika Padukone playing a South Indian bride in Rohit Shetty’s farcical Chennai Express. Never mind her outfit but she could have at least done a better job mastering the Tamil accent knowing her Kannada roots. But to be fair to her, Deepika did reportedly admit that she was going through a depression while shooting for the movie. So Kudos to the girl for getting the job done and putting up a brave act.


On the Contrary, Shahrukh Khan basks on his previous glory and puts up a DDLJ act rescuing the runaway bride Meena aka Deepika the same way he did it with Kajol and immortalized the moment. As far as the plot goes, Deepika Padukone is fleeing away from a forced marriage arranged by his powerful mafia father to a hulking brute and Shahrukh Khan comes to her rescue. What follows is rather a series of unfortunate events and Deepika spends the rest of the film bailing Shahrukh Khan out of mortal danger from his dangerous father and his gang of ugly gangsters.