7 Bollywood Actress Looking Hot Doing Yoga Jaw-Dropping Pics

Yoga is an ancient Hindu Spiritual and ascetic discipline practiced for good health and meditation. Gone are the days when Yoga was practiced only in the Himalayas by yogis and sadhus. Recently, West is realizing the benefits of yoga and thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, UN declared 21 st June as International Yoga Day. Furthermore, Yoga has also won some really staunch admirers in Bollywood and few of our Bollywood hot actress have even made their own yoga DVD’s and shared it on social media. No wonder, yoga pants have become so popular these days.

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Bollywood Actress Looking Gorgeous Doing Yoga in Hot Outfits

1: Shilpa Shetty Hot Yoga Outfit Pics

shilpa shetty hot yoga

Shilpa Shetty has been a big admirer of Yoga and apparently admitted that it helped her get back in perfect shape post-pregnancy. She has also released her yoga training video and needless to say, yoga and glamor is a killer combination.