7 Bollywood Actors Who Married to Non-Bollywood Stunners

Marrying someone who is from the same profession has its own advantages and disadvantages. Bollywood actors are used to romancing beautiful women on-screen and many of them end up being in a relationship or getting married to someone from the film fraternity. However, there are few stars who prefer to have a partner who is not from the film fraternity.

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Bollywood Actors Who Married Non-Bollywood Actresses

1: Gauri Khan

shahrukh khan wife gauri chibber

Shah Rukh Khan is also known as the king of romance. He has flirted with most of the leading Bollywood actresses on-screen and there is hardly any girl who is not impressed by Shahrukh’s charm. However, this charismatic actor is a committed man and married to the stunning Gauri Khan.  King Khan fell madly in love with Gauri Chibber, now Khan. Their relationship has withstood many storms and the two of them are still pretty much in love.