Are These The Hottest Flight Attendants in Aviation?

Flight attendant jobs are often associated with glamour and luxurious lifestyle. No doubt, flying in the air and traveling to new places seems like fun. However, going through the entire process of traveling i.e bookings, hotels, security, immigration, jet-lag isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Combine that with tediously long working hours and dealing with unpleasant people every now and then. Now imagine living that life on a daily basis and still carrying a big smile while working. Welcome to the world of Flight attendants and Cabin Crews.

Having said that, they do enjoy lots of perks their job has to offer like mingling with A-listers on air, exploring exotic locales, meeting new people and staying in luxurious hotels. Few of these flight attendants make the most of this opportunity and do not shy away from posting envious pictures of their bikini bodies and their exotic experiences on social media. Thanks to their glossy social profiles,  It’s no surprise that quite a few of them have sideline careers as models, bodybuilders or even personal trainers. Check out below the list of hottest flight attendants.

Flight Attendant, Model & Calendar Girl

Source: Instagram.com/rheahelaina

Rhea believes in multi-tasking and manages her flight attendant job equally well with her modeling commitments. She is the owner of RAGS Boutique and also a Calendar girl.